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The African Smallholder Farmers Group

The ASFG is a network of international NGOs who are committed to creating an enabling environment for smallholder farmers in Africa.
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Framework Report

The ASFG has recently developed a framework highlighting the important policies, laws and regulations for an enabling business environment for small holder farmers in Africa
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Supporting farmers to flourish

With the right support, smallholder farmers can increase their productivity, profitability and sustainability, whilst also enhancing their climate resilience.
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Investing in the futures of African families

The majority of African families depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Investing in agriculture is therefore critical in order to tackle poverty in Africa.
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The Challenge

Despite the challenges facing smallholder farmers, the agriculture sector has been neglected by national governments and international donors over a sustained period.  Furthermore, smallholder farmers, and particularly women, are often excluded from the development of agricultural policies, research and programmes that affect their livelihoods. 

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Our Response

The experiences of the African Smallholder Farmers Group show that, with the appropriate financial, technical and social support, the majority of smallholder farmers can increase their production and their incomes in ways that are economically and ecologically sustainable – thereby increasing their economic viability and resilience to unexpected shocks caused by climate change or changes in markets. 

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latest news

Enabling the business of sustainable smallholder farming

Our response to the World Bank's EBA Progress Report

NEW RESOURCE: A Framework for an Enabling Environment for Smallholder Farmers

A tool to inform how donors, NGOs and governments can best support smallholders.


World Bank's BBA

Information on the World Bank's 'Benchmarking the Business of Agriculture' (BBA).

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