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39. The next section deals with those factors that impact directly and specifically on smallholder farmers in Africa. Suggested indicator questions included in this section aim to identify those areas where the current consensus approach makes inadequate provision for the conditions that are needed to create a supportive enabling environment for smaller producers in particular. As referred to earlier, there is broad agreement of the set of challenges that need to be addressed in order to increase smallholders’ access to markets; but the conventional approach to these addressing challenges often focuses on solutions that are likely to benefit only a small group of wealthier and better-connected farmers – for example, those near roads or irrigation systems, or belonging to efficient farmer organisations - while failing to address the particular constraints faced by smallholders with fewer assets or access to infrastructure, resources and representation.  For each of the pillars set out in the next section, indicator questions are suggested for policies, laws, regulations and practices that could provide support for those smaller producers in particular.

In this section

  1. Access to land and water
  2. Inputs and credit
  3. Markets
  4. Research and extension services
  5. Collective action
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