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Enabling the business of sustainable smallholder farming

Our response to the World Bank's EBA Progress Report

NEW RESOURCE: A Framework for an Enabling Environment for Smallholder Farmers

A tool to inform how donors, NGOs and governments can best support smallholders.


World Bank's BBA

Information on the World Bank's 'Benchmarking the Business of Agriculture' (BBA).

Small success for Tanzanian community after biofuel land grab

ActionAid receives good news from Kisarawe, Tanzania, where some access rights have been won back after a land grab by a UK biofuel company.

Learning visit to the UK for African smallholder farmer

Read more about the visit hosted by Send a Cow

Recognising the Unrecognised: Farmer Innovation in Northern Malawi

A study acknowledging the creativity and ingenuity of smallholder farmers, conducted by Find Your Feet.

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